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Lil Sugar

 50-miles of the scenic highs and hollows!

Lil Sugar is a challenging, shorter-distance option, designed to serve as an introduction to endurance cycling and a “stepping stone” towards the Big Sugar. Tackle the Little Sugar this year, then go for the full 100 miles the following year.

Event Schedule


Course Info

2022 course below, 2023 course could be subject to change:

  • The Lil Sugar course is 52 miles with approximately 3,500′ of elevation gain

Rider Guide

Dust off your gravel bike and get ready for a weekend in the Bluffs! This guide will give you all the information you need to be successful in tackling the first ever Big Sugar weekend.

Download or print out the PDF and prepare yourself for an epic weekend of bikes, brews, and the sweetest gravel you’ve ever tasted.

2023 Athlete Guide subject to change


Awards will be 3 deep in the following categories:

Lil Sugar award categories:

Open Men

Open Women

Para Men

Para Women

Non-Binary Open

Men’s E-bike

Women’s E-bike

Tandem Open

Aid Station Info

Checkpoint Info

There is one official checkpoint location for Lil Sugar.

1) Whistling Springs Brewery (mile 23)


The following amenities will be available at the checkpoint:
-Water, Untapped maple syrup, waffles, and mapleade drink mix & pickles, bananas, potato chips, cookies (snacky stuff)

Whistling Springs Brewery has good food available if you want more than a snack. Each rider can get one free beer at the brewery.

Pick-up/Abandon Procedure

1) If you wish to be picked up by your support crew, please make your way to an accessible locaton – without driving on the gravel roads of the course.
– The SAG Jeeps can help you to get to an accessible location if you are unable and will take you to the nearest checkpoint location if you do not have another pick up option

2) Shuttles are available at the checkpoints to carry riders and bikes back to Bentonville
– They will take you either to the finish festival or to the Wal-Mart HQ parking lot as desired

3) If you need to call for help, use the BIG SUGAR HOTLINE: 719-257-3938
– Again, cell service is spotty. The Jeeps all have HAM radio which has better transmission, if you need to communicate with support crews or race organization

Post-Race Food & Beer

  • On each rider’s number plate, there will be three serrated tabs attached at the bottom
    • One is redeemable for a free drink at Whistling Springs Brewery
    • One can be turned in for a beer from Bike Rack Brewing at the finish festival
    • One can be used at one of the food trucks at the finish festival and is worth UP TO $10
      • If you’re buying something less than $10, no change will be given
      • If you want something more expensive, you will have to pay the remainder
  • The food trucks at the finish are also open to business for any support crews or spectators
  • Please do not park to the south of the fire station. This is reserved for Bentonville FD employees
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