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OCT 19, 2024

100, 50, or 25  miles of Gloriously Chunky Gravel

Three Distances | One Epic Weekend

Canopy covered gravel roads will lead you through the remote and rugged highlands of the Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas and Southern Missouri. The courses go along Sugar Creek and through the bluffs and hollers, including picturesque fall foliage painted around you.

Expect these to be more challenging courses featuring rarely maintained roads with loose, rocky gravel, a few pavement sections and a few water crossings and bridges. If you like to ride in the dirt, venture off into stunning landscapes and share an experience with fellow cyclists, Life Time Big Sugar Gravel presented by Mazda is a race reserved for you.

The 100-mile course is 104 miles with around 7,000′ of elevation gain. This course starts and ends in downtown Bentonville, and loops through southern Missouri.

  • NOTE: this course includes private property at mile 72.4, DO NOT TRESPASS, roads will remain closed until race day. If you do wish to check out the roads that you will see during the race, follow this link that goes around the private property, and bypasses the 8 miles of highway-side riding at the beginning.

The 50-mile course is 52 miles with around 3,500′ of elevation gain. This course starts and ends in downtown Bentonville, and loops through southern Missouri.

  • NOTE: this course includes private property at mile 23.7, DO NOT TRESPASS, roads will remain closed until race day.

The 25-mile course is 28 miles with approximately 1,300′ of elevation gain. This course starts and ends in downtown Bentonville.

How far can you ride before you hit a sugar high? Make the end of your cycling season extra sweet and join us for both the MTB and Gravel events!

Sweet Tooth Challenge: 100K MTB and 100-mile Gravel

Semi-Sweet Tooth Challenge: 50K MTB and 50-mile gravel

Note: You must sign up for Gravel/MTB events SEPARATELY — individuals in both will automatically be entered in the Sweet Tooth Challenge. Sweet Tooth/Semi-Sweet Tooth Challenge is not a scored event. Individuals will be scored within each event but a cumulative score will not be kept. Finishers will receive a bonus prize! 

2024 schedule is still in the works, in the meantime — check out the schedule from 2023.

Gravel Registration Fees

  • 100 Mile – $190 (SOLD OUT)
  • 50 Mile – $150 (SOLD OUT)
  • 25 Mile – $100
  • 25 Mile Juniors – $80

2024 athlete guides still in the works — in the meantime check out 2023’s guides.

Dust off your gravel bike and get ready for a weekend in the Bluffs! This guide will give you all the information you need to be successful in tackling the first ever Big Sugar weekend.

Download or print out the PDF and prepare yourself for an epic weekend of bikes, brews, and the sweetest gravel you’ve ever tasted.

Awards will go three deep in the following categories:

100-Mile award categories:

  • Elite Men/Women
  • 19 & under Men / Women
  • 20-29 Men / Women
  • 30-39 Men / Women
  • 40-49 Men / Women
  • 50-59 Men / Women
  • 60-69 Men / Women
  • 70+ Men / Women
  • Single Speed Men / Women
  • Para Men / Women
  • Tandem
  • Non-binary Open
  • Fatbike

50-Mile award categories:

  • Open Men/Women
  • Para Men/Women
  • Tandem
  • Non-binary Open
  • E-bike Men/Women

The following amenities will be available at the neutral aid stations at each checkpoint:
-Water, Untapped maple syrup, waffles, and mapleade drink mix & pickles, bananas, potato chips, cookies (snacky stuff)

Support Crews can help their riders out at the Pineville AND Whistling Springs Checkpoints!

100 Mile Aid Stations:

1) Pineville, MO (mile 37)

2) Whistling Springs Brewery (mile 73)

50 Mile Aid Stations:

1) Whistling Springs Brewery (mile 23)

1) If you wish to be picked up by your support crew, please make your way to an accessible locaton – without driving on the gravel roads of the course.
– The SAG Jeeps can help you to get to an accessible location if you are unable and will take you to the nearest checkpoint location if you do not have another pick up option

2) Shuttles are available at the checkpoints to carry riders and bikes back to Bentonville
– They will take you either to the finish festival or to the Wal-Mart HQ parking lot as desired

3) If you need to call for help, use the BIG SUGAR HOTLINE: 719-257-3938
– Again, cell service is spotty. The Jeeps all have HAM radio which has better transmission, if you need to communicate with support crews or race organization

  • On each rider’s number plate, there will be three serrated tabs attached at the bottom
    • One is redeemable for a free drink at Whistling Springs Brewery
    • One can be turned in for a beer from Bike Rack Brewing at the finish festival
    • One can be used at one of the food trucks at the finish festival and is worth UP TO $10
      • If you’re buying something less than $10, no change will be given
      • If you want something more expensive, you will have to pay the remainder
  • The food trucks at the finish are also open to business for any support crews or spectators


A 100-mile gravel race in the remote and rugged highlands of the Ozark Mountains.


A 50-mile gravel race located in the highlands but designed for recreational cyclists.


A 25-mile gravel race designed for beginners or those who just don’t feel like going as far!

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