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Checkpoint Information


There are two official checkpoint locations for Big Sugar, the second of which is the only checkpoint for Little Sugar. These are:

    • Pineville, MO (mile 37) – Cutoff arrival time 10:45am, departure time 11:00am.
    • Whistling Springs Brewery (mile 73 / 23) – Cutoff arrival time 2:30pm, departure 3:00pm


The following amenities will be available at the neutral aid stations at each checkpoint:

      • Water
      • Untapped maple syrup, waffles, and mapleade drink mix
      • Pickles, bananas, potato chips, cookies (snacky stuff)


Pineville is the only checkpoint where support crews are allowed:

    • See the Pineville Parking Map for color coded parking areas (Pay attention to the location of the timing mat. Everyone has to pass over this!)
    • During packet pickup, if you are certain you’ll be using a support vehicle, pick a colored hang tag to assign your crew to one of these areas.
    • Pineville will have street signs pointing to the different parking areas. There will also be volunteers on site to help you navigate. Be kind to them please!


Whistling Springs Brewery will have neutral mechanical support on site thanks to Orange Seal

    • The brewery also has good food available if you want more than a snack
    • Each rider can get one free beer at the brewery. See below for details


There are also two “oasis” locations. These are not fully stocked with snacks, but should be seen as a surprise treat and a backup option for refilling water if needed.

    • Chamois Butt’r will be at ~mile 57 on the Big Sugar course
    • Garmin will be at ~mile 86 / 36 on the shared return leg of the courses
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